Ballet Classes

Ballet Ages 2.5 & Up

Ballet lessons improve posture, flexibility, coordination, strength and grace. It teaches them the  discipline, confidence and improves memory in young ballet students

Our Ballet program of Classical Ballet is based on traditional ballet technique and using the ‘Safe Teaching Practices’ of the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Give your child the chance to shine!


All Ballet Students are required to wear the following items to class: Pink leotards and ballet skirt, pink ballet tights and ballet shoes with elastic. Hair has to be secured neatly in a bun.


Acting and drama classes for children encourage self expression, communication skills and self-confidence.  Our class will cover the exploration and development of voice, movement, improvisation and character development skills as well as film and TV camera technique and an introduction to theatre. Children will go on a exciting adventure by using their imagination to create stories via improvisation and movement. Students will work on performing scenes with emphasis on bringing their imagination to life as well as the creativity of writing their own theatrical scenes.


Contemporary Dance Ages 8 & Up

Contemporary dance encourages to explore emotions through dance. This style of dance often involves a great deal of playing with balance, fall and recovery and improvisation.

Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques encourages to explore emotions and telling the story through the dance.

Classes involve a warm up , light stretches and help build strength, flexibility and balance.  Students learn to use their bodies in a variety of ways, and they focus on breathing, posture, and emotional state.

Folk or National Dance

Our unique classes enable students to develop coordination and physical abilities. it is  exposing children to dances from around the world and showing children how all nations, cultures and people are connected.

 In this class students will learn the diverse folk dances from around the World and its movement variations. The class will cover steps including rhythmic stomping, kicking, sidewards walking, hoping and jumping; developing fitness and skill of your children.

Our students will understand the cultural background of these dances and its connection to musical rhythms.  The class also aims at developing the students to the advanced skill of using the props with the movement motions of the music.


Students will also have  opportunities to perform in front of audiences. We encourage children to share their talent to inspire others with their new skills.

Each class will participate in putting together a showcase event at the end of the year to show off their skills, gain confidence and to inspire the community and parents.