Terms & Conditions

Inspire Performing & Creative Arts Australia Inc (Inspire Arts)
Terms & Conditions
Inspire Inc is a non-profit organisation and we believe gaining skills and confidence through creative and performing arts should be accessible to all our youth. For this reason, tuition prices are as low as possible and we have added some discounts to assist where we can.
Attendance and Withdrawal
By attending classes regularly, students will gain the most out of their tuition. Absence makes it extremely difficult for our teachers to choreograph and polish routines and lines and prepare them for the performances as a team or solo and it does make a difference if a child is absent consistently. 4 weeks notice is required before a student may withdraw from the studio. Fees paid are non-refundable

1. Annual Membership Fee (Non-refundable). Includes all administration and insurance costs associated with the hire of the studios.
$50- 1st child
$40- 2nd child
$30- 3rd child
$20- 4th child
2. Class Fees
Fees are payable upfront upon enrolment every semester.
If parents have difficulty paying fees, please see the director or admin to discuss financial arrangements prior to due payments.


Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 062334 ACCOUNT: 11230609

Please quote your name as the reference

Uniform & Dance Attire
We seek to dress modestly in our classes and we ask that you use your best discretion to that end. Children should wear modest, comfortable sports clothing, socks and shoes (no thongs are allowed) All Ballet Students are required to wear the following items to class: Pink ballet socks or pink ballet stockings. Any Pink Ballet leotard and skirt.
Light pink proper leather or canvas ballet shoes with elastic (full sole)
(‘Bloch’ Canvas shoes or ‘Capezio’ leather shoes have no pig leather)
Hair has to be secured neatly in a bun. You can purchase shoes and tights from:
Harlequin Dance Wear 25 Faraday Rd Padstow 02 9771 5886
Misti Dance Shoes 9 Howard Road Padstow 02 97736557
BLOCH Westfield Parramatta 159-175 Church St., Parramatta 02 9635 9315

Make up classes
No refund is given for missed classes (extreme medical conditions considered). Make-up classes will be offered (to be taken in the same term) were available in the event of absence due to illness or injury. Prior notification is requested in the case of absence.

In order to keep Inspire Arts running as efficiently as possible, we strongly encourage parents to take an active role in the operations of the organisation. You can help by joining one of our many committees. Most of our committees require only a small commitment of your time throughout the year. Parents may choose to volunteer and give their time, skills, ideas and support to improve our service and to benefit a community.
There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer their time including:
Media and Advertising, Administration and Marketing, Secretary, Class Coordinators, Fundraising Helper, Performance Backstage Helper (female only), Events Helper, BBQ Picnic Helper, Hamper Raffle Helper, Tickets Sales, Set up and Clean up. If there is a particular area that you would like to help assist with or coordinate, please let us know.

NEEDS EVERYONE’S HELP to make it a success. We are a non-profit organisation who works hard to ensure our children can learn in a fun and productive atmosphere. We depend on fundraising to help cover our annual operating cost. This is mandatory and required for every family
Each family signs up for a few small jobs, which help keep the costs of classes low. You are helping the school increase funds, helping keep tuition down each year. All monies raised at events go directly to the Inspire Inc to cover some expenses and to help keep costs low. Every family helps by selling tickets for the prize raffle and with gathering prizes.

Photos and Video recording
No photos or videos of students or teachers are allowed without the director’s consent.

Drop off and pick up
Parents are allowed to attend the first trial class.

Parents are allowed, but not required to stay during the classes as it is a distraction to all the students and is of no benefit to the child. Parents are requested not to remain in the hall during classes to create the productive environment and to avoid distracting children and the teacher. Some of the children do act up if a parent is present. Also, sometimes it creates a problem with the children running to mum, looking at mum, wanting something, instead of paying attention to the teacher. If you have any concern leaving your child or if your child has any special needs, please discuss this with the administrator when you enrol your child in the class. We don’t encourage this but may consider this in special circumstances. It is also essential that students are collected promptly at the studio by parents or appointed guardians at the end of class.

Open Class
Everyone is invited to watch class during the last week of each term to see what children have learned and achieved.

Food and Water
Your child will need to bring a water bottle. Please be advised that we have children with severe Nut and Egg Allergy. Please don’t bring any food containing nuts or eggs (Nutella, muesli bars, nuts bars, peanut butter .etc.)

All products of Inspire Arts including music, routines, lines, uniform and costume design remain the property of the Inspire Arts and cannot be replicated or used without the director’s consent.
Inspire Arts reserves the right to cancel any class. You will be informed and you will be offered an alternative day or class.